Panda Clothes Washing And Spin Drying Machine

Panda Small Compact Portable Washing Machine (6-7lbs Capacity) with Spin Dryer runs on 110V/60Hz electrical power.
This Panda Washer Model: XPB36, with spinner is completely portable suitable for hunting cabin, larger power fishing boats, and short vacation trips. Also suitable for house, garage and workshop, condos and apartment using.
This Panda Twin-tub Washing Machine has drainage pump out, just hang nook over side of sink, or bathtub. Please understand it's not a fully automatic washer, you may need a little more work between washing and spinning.
by Panda

Product Price

  • Normal Price: $199.99
  • Sale Price: $169.99
  • You Save: $30.00 (15%)

Product Features

  • Small Portable washing machine goes anywhere with only 28lbs weight
  • Easy to operate, and powerful Just fill with water and set timer
  • Perfect for Apartments, Cabins, RV Vehicles, Travel, your second washer at home
  • One side for washing, one side for spin drying
  • Washing Capacity: 6-7 lbs
  • Spin Dryer Capacity: 3-3.5 lbs (Half of the washing capacity, you may spin twice)
  • Length of inlet hose: 43 inch
  • Length of drain hose: 54 inch

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