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Starship Millennium Voyage   Starship Voyage
Follow the 75 foot Starship as it proceeds around the world. The Starship left Seattle, Washington on September 17, 1998 on a circumnavigation cruise to document the state of our planet at the end of the millennium.

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence at Home.   SETI
This is a scientific experiment that will harnesss the power of hundreds of thousands of Internet-connected computers in the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI).

Encyclopedia Britannica    Homepage
A free accurate source and place for information, learning, and knowledge on the internet.

The Discovery Channel    Homepage
Lots of kool stuff here, click on homepage and check it out.

The History Channel    Homepage
Want to learn more about the first Thanksgiving? Click on homepage and then click on the Thankgiving article.

The National Geographic Channel    Homepage
Visit a cool web site for learning about our planet.

The Field Museum on Chicago's Lake Michigan waterfront   Homepage
Read about expeditions, watch videos, explore musem collections, and learn about special events on campus.

The Field Museum on Chicago's Lake Michigan waterfront   Homepage
Read about Sue, the most complete Tyrannosaurus Rex (90%) ever found now on display on campus.

Mamamedia web site    Homepage
Lots of games for young kids to play.

Bats: Masters of the night   Bats
Bat information, bat quiz, links.

Lawrence Hall of Science   Homepage
University of California at Berkeley Science site.

Explore the Butterfly   Homepage
A most complete information source on butterflies, gardening, farming, ecology, and education. And lots of web links for butterflies.

Lunar Landing Map   Homepage
This lunar landing map is large and shows where the Ranger, Apollo, and Luna spacecraft have landed on the moon.

The Periodic Table of the WWW    Periodic Table
The Royal Society of Chemistry presents the Periodic Table and other chemistry information.

U. S. Naval Observatory    Naval Oceanography Portal
Diplays your computer's time and that of the U.S.N.O.'s time. Set your computer to their atomic clock's time.

Science adventures from The National Aeronautics and Space Administration   NASA Homepage
Presents images, videos, solar system facts, space program missions and progress, and interactive features.

Learn about weather   The Weather Unit
The Weather Unit is a series of lessons designed to teach young students about the weather.

Connect to a hurricane tracking satelite   Tropical Cyclones
Watch hurricane of the east coast, Learn about hurricanes.

Check the current phase of our moon.   Moon Watch
An explanation of the moon phases, lunar eclipes, and much more stuff about the moon.

Do you collect tiger skulls?   SaberTooth Cat Skulls
Learn about the Sabertooth Tigers. How about your very own Sabertooth Cat skull? These full size museum quality fossil reproductions are expertly coped from the skulls dug up from the late Pleistocene period in the La Brea Tar Pits in Southern California.

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  • Washington Institute of Dendrology Research .
    A scientific and educational nonprofit corporation providing facilities and vital funding for forest and shade tree pathology research to find better ways to control and/or to eradicate many of the most damaging invading tree diseases and insect infestations.

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