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    Search the World Wide Web with these popular web search engines, web directories, and select website links.

Electronic Equipment, Computers & Software for the Engineering Lab, Office & Home Office

Welcome to the Electronic Equipment and Software Department of Lübeck Haus.
We offer some of the latest electronic equipment, computers, cellular phones, electronic test equipment, GPS navigation equipment, and software packages for the engineering labs, home, office, and outdoors. Select a category from the menu to the left. Click it on and browse for what you want.

  • The electronic test equipment links offer oscilloscopes, D.C., A.C. and Rf power supplies, Multimeters, VOM meters, spectrum analyzers, and electronic testing accessories.
  • The office electronic links will give you a browse box with many different groups of electronics to choose from. These categories include home office equipment, Printers, Scanners, Digital Cameras, Camcorders, CD Players, DVD Players, VCR's, Televisions, GPS devices, Cellular Phones, and other electronic equipment categories.
  • The computer category will give access to the latest computers from the leading manufacturers. Plus computer books.
  • The software category covers nearly everything for engineering, home businesses, learning a foreign language and other educational pursuits, GPS mapping software, home improvement and gardening, and games.
  • The DIRECTV systems category offers the complete television systems, receivers, antennas, and accessories. Plus subscriptions and buying tips and suggestions.
  • The movies and music links lead to over 100,000 titles for you to choose from for VHS movies, DVD movies, and music CD's.
  • For magazine subscription information and pricing, click on Magazines. Enjoy our everyday low prices, recommendations, & easy subscription renewals.
  • Lübeck Haus Bookstore offers Engineering books from many disciplines and categories. These Engineering categories include Aerospace, Architecture, Automotive, Bioengineering, Chemical, Civil, Encyclopedias, Environmental, Marine, Masonry, Mechanical, Mining, Nuclear, Reference Handbooks, Structural and Petroleum.
  • Lübeck Haus Bookstore Bookstore Directory
    has many categories of books from which to choose some outstanding books for instructional and how-to use requirements. Including books about computers, computer science, using computers, computer programming, web design, electronic engineering and test, electronic experimentation, and electronics in general. And many business and professional books are available.
    We have books for many different interests and nearly all needs.
  • The photography link will take you to our Photography Department. We have an extensive selection of digital and film cameras, photography related equipment, photography books, photography software, photography supplies and information.
  • The Art Gallery at Lübeck Haus offers over 500,000 fine art prints, wall posters, wall tapestries, and photographs in hundreds of popular categories and custom framing to choose from.

Select a category from the list at the left, or if you prefer use the search box located below to search for everything offered at Amazon.com. We offer many of these items for sale in association with Amazon.com.

Visit our Digital Camera Department. Click on Digital Cameras.
Select from the latest digital cameras from the leading camera manufacturers.

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GPS and Navigation Equipment

GPS & Navigation Electronics.
This includes GPS Systems, digital compasses, marine instruments, and speciality outdoor gear. Sections include Digital Compasses, Fish Finders, GPS Mapping Software, Marine GPS Chart Plotters, Vehicle GPS Units, and GPS Accessories.

  • Visit our Lübeck Haus Photography Department .
    This department offers all name brand digital cameras, photography equipment & accessories, photography software, photography books and magazines, photo taking tips, and web links.


Click on banner to read about kindle books, kindle readers, and accessories.

Websites of Interest

Amazon.com Browser Boxes

Use these Browser Boxes to search for more books and magazines on electronic test, engineering books, mathematics, building and using test equipment, and search any book category, and locate computer equipment and accessories, software, computer and video games, any other electronic equipment, or browse for anything else on your shopping list.

Use these browse boxes by choosing a category from their pull-down menu. Enter a keyword where applicable.
Then click on Go!.

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Utility Links

  • Return to Lübeck Haus Bookstore Catalogue Directory.
    Browse our bookstore's catalogue listing of all of our book categories.
  • Go to Lübeck Haus Photography Department .
    This department offers all name brand cameras, photography equipment & accessories, software, books, magazines, photo taking tips, and web links.
  • Visit Lübecks Office Supply Department Directory .
    You will find business office supplies, restaurant supplies, kitchen supplies for chefs, janitorial supplies and disposable office supplies for the upkeep of your business. All at wholesale prices and quick delivery.
  • Visit the Art Gallery at Lübeck Haus .
    Offers an extensive selection of more than 500,000 fine art prints, wall posters, wall tapestries, and photographs in hundreds of popular categories. Choose from pre-framed, unframed, or choose your own custom frames from countless combinations of framing and matting materials. All right on your computer screen, and with great customer service and at affordable prices.
  • Visit online our King's Corner Store .
    Offers travel luggage, home furnishings, furniture, cabinets, tables, table lamps, desk & wall clocks, wall mirrors, linen goods, kitchen essentials, bath and bodt care products, unique chess sets, book ends, model sailing ships, eagle statues, sabertooth tiger skulls, garden fountains and sculptures, home and garden accents, jewelry boxes, small curio cabinets, and other useful products for your home, office and garden.
  • Visit Lübeck Haus Store Directory .
    Visit our main store for audio books, video and DVD movies, music CD's, home & office electronics, kindle readers, kindle books, computers, digital cameras, computer and game software, video games, cellular phones, construction tools, hardware, clothing & apparel, jewelry, games, and toys.

Thank you for shopping at the Lübeck Haus. We appreciate your business and hope to see you again.

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