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Welcome to the Boulder Creek Bookstore, Technical Books Section.
This bookstore includes categories of engineering and technical fields, scientific fields, mathematics, technical and professional books.
Books in stock include engineering and higher mathematics, natural sciences, computer science and web development, electronic textbooks, electrical and electronic equipment design and repair, robotics, space exploration, advanced space technology, encyclopedias and reference books, electronic and electrical books, dendrology, forest pathology, building and construction books, handbooks and manuals, masonry books & handbooks, timber framing and log construction, natural sciences, medical, law, real estate investing, and other categories of a technical, scientific, and professional nature.

In association with Amazon.com we offer these engineering and technical books, scientific magazines and journals, handbooks, encyclopedieas, and journals for sale.

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We also offer some fine Trow and Holden hand tools for stone masons and tools for timber workers. Please use the links on the left sideboard to access these tools.

We are constantly adding more books and features to our bookstore. When you need more books, return here to Bouldercreek Technical Bookstore and check our lists. This may save you time in your search.

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When you plan to visit the Technical Bookstore Section at the Trading Post:
We are in the Timber Framed and Stone Masonry building in back of the main Boulder Creek Trading Post building above the restaurant and Boulder Creek. Follow the signs.

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