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Welcome to the Boulder Creek Trading Post, a Lübeck Haus online store.
The Boulder Creek Trading Post provides direct links to other departments of Lübeck Haus and these are, the main store at Lübeck Haus Store, Lübeck Haus Bookstore, Lübeck Haus Technical Bookstore, the Old Castle Shop, Pacific Mountain Masonry, our Lawn and Garden Shop, and Kings Street Market Store.
These websites can be accessed by clicking on their respective links below.

We have three complete bookstores that offer a wide selection of books, including, how-to books, educational and professional books, scientific books, engineering books, gardening books, home and office electronics, digital computers, software, masonry books, log building construction, building construction, weight training, photography, many language tutorials, mathematics, textbooks, law books, blacksmithing, welding, stone masonry, timberframing, kayak & boat making, sailing, power boating, fishing, hunting, boating, carpentry, wood carving, horticulture, plant propagation, gardening, tree pathology research, small scale farming, husbandry, pickel & beer making, canning vegetables, cookbooks, writing books and reports, travel books, and engineering books in many categories.
Plus, all the latest DVD and VHS movies and the latest music CDs.
Our Lawn and Garden Shop offer a great selection of lawn and gardening equipment, greenhouses, plant propagation books and tools, gardening and landscaping books, gardening tools and supplies, and fireplace tools and accessories.

Browse Lübeck Haus for a wide selection consumer electronics, home and office electronics, kindle readers, kindle books, computers & software, video games & game software, cellular phones, hand and power tools, construction equipment, hardware, work clothes, clothing and apparel, jewelry, watches, magazines, games, and toys.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our visitors again, and especially our customers for a good year twenty seven in 2020. We want to take this opportunity again to say THANKS!

As we promised last year, we will work hard again all this year to give you a greater selection of quality products for your shopping convenience.
We want to wish you all a Prosperous New Year in 2021.

SIGNED: The Management, Staff, and Employees at Lübeck Haus.

Thank you for your continued interest, support, and your business.
Shopping and ordering online from our Boulder Creek Trading Post and Lübeck Haus is convenient, quick, easy, and safe.
We do appreciate your business.

Photography Department

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    The latest in digital cameras, photography software, art & photography books, and photography related links.


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Years 2020 and 2021 Calendars

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    Choose from many categories, including Architecture, Art, Boats, Celebrities, Cooking, Gardens, Home, Horoscope & Astrological, Inspirational, Lighthouses, Nature, Photography, Science Fiction, Ships, Sports, Trains, Vintage Art, and many more.

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Visit our Lübeck Haus Store Main Store Directory .
Offers an extensive selection of books, kindle books, kindle readers, audiobooks, DVD and VHS movies, music CDs, home & office electronics, computers, video games, computer and game software, hand and power tools, hardware, cellular phones, clothing, apparel, jewelry, watches, magazines, games and toys.

Visit our Lübeck Haus Bookstore Bookstore Directory.
Browse our bookstores catalogue of our more than 200 book categories. Some of these categories include timber and masonry construction, stone masonry, medieval castles, siege machines, medieval knights, blacksmithing and metal working, medieval weapon construction, mathematics, engineering, encyclopaedias and reference books, real estate development, real estate law and business, home construction, construction contracting books, woodworking, woodcarving, furniture and cabinet making, flintknapping, archery, outdoor survival books, firearms, hunting, boats and boating, canoes, kayaks, making small boats, fishing, hunting, outdoor activities & sports, engineering, electronics principals & experiments, electronic troubleshooting and repair, digial computers, science, space exploration, paleontology, history, genealogy, gardening, cookbooks, health & nutrition, raising livestock & small farms, foxfire books, husbandry, screenwriting, photography, medieval history, gargoyles, and heraldry.

Visit our Boulder Creek Store Store Directory.
Browse our store's catalogue directory for computers & electronic eqipment, lawn & garden furniture, garden sculptures and statues, gardening tools, gardening equipment, Troy-Bilt rototillers, mushroom growing kits, gardening books and videos, digital cameras, consumer electronics, home and office electronics, computer and game software, cellular phones, professional and engineering software, construction contractor's tools & equipment, hand and power tools, stone masonry tools, hardware, Blu-ray movies, and music CDs.
We also carry a large assortment of home improvement products, home and office furniture, kitchen essentials, cookware, groceries, gourmet foods, kindle readers, kindle books, and video games.

Visit our Boulder Creek Bookstore Main Bookstore Directory.
Browse our bookstore's catalogue directory of our more than one hundred book categories. This directory includes books on computer science and web development, engineering, mathematics, sciences, reference and map books, encyclopedias, electronic and electrical texts, building and construction handbooks and manuals, masonry books & handbooks, timberframing and log construction, gardening and landscaping, natural sciences, medical, law, real estate investing, non-fiction, fiction, discount books, children's books, literature, nature, hunting and outdoor skills, language courses, rare and out-of-print editions, and special book editions.
In addition, we have categories in which to choose some outstanding books for instructional and how-to use requirements. The latest textbooks for all fields of studies are available. And a large variety and selection of engineering, business, professional and reference books are available. We have books for many different interests and nearly all disciplines and requirements. Get help in finding out-of-print books.

Visit our Boulder Creek Technical Bookstore Engineering and Technical Section.
This section includes many categories of engineering, technical and professional books. Including technical, scientific, and engineering textbooks, electronics, books, journals, and manuals. Categories included are engineering fields, higher mathematics, scientific fields, computer science and web development, reference and map books, encyclopedias, electronic and electrical texts, building and construction handbooks and manuals, masonry books & handbooks, timberframing and log construction, natural sciences, medical, law, real estate investing, and other categories of a technical, scientific, and professional nature.
In addition, we have categories in which to choose some outstanding books for instructional and how-to use requirements. The latest textbooks for all fields of studies are available. And a large variety and selection of business, law, reference, and professional books are available. We have books for many different interests and nearly all disciplines and requirements.

Visit our Boulder Creek Trading Post General Store, General Store Directory .
Welcome to our Boulder Creek Trading Post General Store, your online source for technical books, how-to books, engineering and professional books, scientific research supplies, kindle books, kindle readers, home office electronics, computers and software, Blu-ray movies, music CDs, men's and women's clothing, kitchen essentials and supplies, groceries, gardening books, garden seeds and plants, gardening tools, home office electronics, cellular phones, computer and game software, professional and engineering software, chess sets, sabertooth tiger skulls, educational toys, sailng ship models, and outdoor sports and activities.

Visit our Boulder Creek Store, Lawn and Garden Shop .
Visit our Lawn and Garden Shop for gardening tools and supplies, gardening books, landscaping books, power garden tillers, patio and lawn care equipment, and outdoor furniture. We offer live shade and landscaping trees, fruit and nut trees, shrubs, flowers, vegetable and flower seeds, garden tillers, garden tools and supplies, and garden accessories. In addition we offer a selection of fireplace tools, supplies, and accessories.

Visit the Old Castle Shop:
Visit our mason and timberframing supply department for stone masonry and timberframing tools, masonry and timberframing books, manuals, workmen's and outdoormen's clothing, and building contractor's equipment.
This website is where we deal with working and building with stone, slate, bricks, blocks, and ways of working with masonry products. We are primarily stone masons and work with all types of natural stone on our projects.
And we are also timberframers, woodworkers, and blacksmiths. So we work with and build with various cuts of timber, hand-hewn timbers, logs, all types of wood, iron, and we hand carve wood. Most of our tools are hand tools, by choice. But a few machine and power tools make the job faster and are used in our shop and also on the job sites.
In addition we are blacksmiths working with wrought iron and ironworkers working with welding tools. To mold, shape, work and build with iron we use the forge and when the job requires, we use modern welding tools.

Visit These Other Websites


The Washington Institute of Dendrology Research is a scientific and educational non-profit corporation based in Washington State.
Our primary goal is to build the Washingtion State Institute of Dendrology Research Center. This important forestry patholgy research center will be complete with up-to-date laboratories, research libraries, classrooms, greenhouses, tree nurseries, corporative and research offices, dormitories, cafeterias, and support buildings for advanced tree pathology and entomology research and studies.
This will be a world class pathology research facility and will provide funding for critical tree pathology research into the causes, control, prevention, and the eventual elimination of some of the diseases and insects that adversely affect the trees of our forest lands, landscaping trees and our fruit and nut trees.
In addition the Washington Institute of Dendrology Research will work to find effective natural means to control the many insects that harm the trees of our forests, our landscaping trees and fruit and nut trees.
The research work and the results of the funds provided will also be applied to the trees everywhere well beyond the Pacific Northwest forests.
To read more click on Washington Institute of Dendrology Research.

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